The festive season is almost upon us! Big things are happening at Brilliant Game Play! Not only are we receiving our BIGGEST order yet to fulfill your every gift need but we are EXCEPTIONALLY happy to have our physical store open for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!

We’ve come a long way, starting out at gift shows to showcase our Brilliant Game Play originals, to finally opening our brand new store front. Nothing could make us happier right now!

We all have growing families and the beauty of toys and games is that they bring us together when we need it the most. Our families crave our attention, love and support. And playing with our children, spouse and friends is just one of many ways to show your love. Seriously! As a mother of one, I’m always busy working. As my little one grows older I am slowly realizing how important it is to stop and play with my child. You are NEVER too busy for your family. Set aside even just 30-60 minutes to read, colour, talk or play a quick game!

We are all family here at Brilliant Game Play. We started this company to bring joy to those around us. Not only have we succeeded but we’ve made so many new friends in the process.

Please do NOT hesitate to email any one of our team members for questions or support. We’d like to include you in our family and help you out this holiday season by recommending games that are suitable for your family and their interests.

Let’s make this holiday season a joyful one!

Kelsie 🙂