There is something so special about sitting down with your family members and playing a board game. There is this great amount of excitement and competitiveness in the air whilst everyone strives to win. And then, when the round is complete, everyone laughs and congratulates one another (or playfully argues about the final score). Without even knowing it, while you play board games with your family members you are creating memories, deepening the bond you have with your loved ones, and learning new skills in the process. There are tons of benefits of playing board games as a family!


Improves observational and listening skills

There are many board games where in order to win, you have to really pay attention to the words and behaviour of other players. Observational and listening skills are essential for every day life when communicating with other people. Many jobs require you to observe a person and then recommend a service or product that they would enjoy based on your observation. Listening skills are used on a daily basis, even when you are just having a simple conversation with another individual. While playing a board game with your family, you use and enhance these skills. In order to win, analyzing a player’s behaviour is important because you can predict what their next moves are. As a family, is it also important to listen to one another to get along, and board games are excellent because they really encourage this.


Allows time for relaxation

Our lives can become hectic and stressful, and when this happens sometimes we shut our family members out. If you find that your family is struggling with this, recommend a board game night. Board games increase laughter amongst your loved ones and reduces any worries you are feeling. Board games also act as an escape from our busy lives. We can play in another world and become kids again as we forget about our responsibilities for a while. If you feel like there is a lot of activity going on in your family’s life and there is tension between members of your family because of this, I encourage you to test out a board game and see how it goes.


Strengthen thinking skills

Think of your favourite game. Now, what are your strategies to win that game? Do you have multiple tactics? Are you constantly changing your method? Do you have one go to approach that you always stick to no matter what? See, without even knowing it, as we play games we come up with different ways of thinking to help us win. Thinking skills are used as we solve the problems that come up in our every day lives. Sometimes we have that one family member who instead of working through the problem, asks for help immediately. Now asking for help is definitely something to be encouraged but teaching that person to work through a problem is important as well. Board games will push others to work through obstacles on their own while providing loads of fun.


We learn how to lose graciously

We all know that sometimes our plans do not have the outcomes we had hoped for. When we lose, we feel sadness, frustration, and disappointment. It is completely valid to feel these emotions, however, it is not valid to take them out on other people and put others down because of our own feelings. Losing in board games happen often. Majority of the time there is only one winner. So, when you play board games with your loved ones, everyone is being taught how to lose graciously. Instead of flipping the table and throwing pieces in anger after a loss, we know that we should congratulate the winner and then think about how we can win the next round. Losing graciously is something that both children and adults benefit from learning. It not only teaches us determination as we push to succeed the next time we play, but also teaches us how to be kind and considerate people.


Everyone is equal in a board game setting

Parents are normally the ultimate decision makers within a family while children follow rules set by their guardians. While playing a board game though, everyone becomes equal. For children, this can be extremely exciting. They are able to make their own decisions, such as what cards to play or where to move on the board. Allowing children to make choices for themselves and coming up with their own ideas is important for their well-being and development.


Board games create long-lasting memories

Perhaps the most important benefit of playing a board game with your loved ones is the memories that everyone will create. Board games create shared experiences between family members and allow time for hilarious moments to happen. These moments are often cherished and reflected on later. When I see a specific game that my family has played in the past while I am working at Playmore, I smile to myself while remembering the extremely fun time we had together. This is evidence that even though playing a board game with your family may seem like such a small thing, it is actually a really memorable moment that will always bring back feelings of joy.


Nowadays, it is easy to just throw on a movie for family bonding time. And although movies are wonderful, it is also a great idea to take a break from technology and play a board game or two! Here at Playmore, we understand the significance of board games when it comes to spending quality time with your family, and the skills you subconsciously learn and practice while playing. I hope that you feel inspired to play board games more frequently with your family after reading this!

Let’s play more together!