At Playmore we pride ourselves in finding unique, exciting, and educational toys. This is because toys can provide your child with entertainment and also to aid in development and growth. We have a large array of toys at our location, but here are just a few and how they can benefit your child’s growth.


Bioserie 2-in-1-Stacker

This set of stacking rings comes with eight pieces and is extremely colourful, making for a beautiful design. There are so many benefits that come with this toy. Your child can learn to recognize colours, learn how to count, and will use hand-eye coordination as they stack the rings. This toy also has the goal to “make play healthy” and has created this set of stacking rings out of plants!

Recommended for ages twelve months and up.


Alphabet Soup

With Alphabet Soup your child can improve mobility skills by scooping up the letters and can also practice letter identification, letter order, and begin to spell out words. This set features a soup bowl, a spoon, and twenty-six letters.

Recommended for ages three and up.


Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo

Spin the ball to hear letter names and letter sounds! Your child can learn animal names and sounds with exciting musical responses. The Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo has a multitude of benefits, such as how it stimulates your child’s senses with its colourful lights and spinning beads. Your child can also develop their motor skills with the simple movement of spinning this toy.

Recommended for ages six months and up.


Rainbow Pounder

This is an adorable pounding bench that will teach your child all about counting and colours. As your child hammers in the pegs on this toy, you can have them say out loud the colour they just hit, or you can have them count as they pound in the pegs. After you have hammered in all the pegs you can flip this toy over and begin once again.

Recommended for ages twelve months and up.


Farmstand Grow & Play Activity Gym

This activity gym comes with over seventeen different developmental activities which include music, a rattle, a mirror, a teether toy, many different sounds, and various textures. There are also three ways to play in this activity gym: your child can lay on their tummy, play with overhead fruit and vegetable toys, or play while seated. This toy also comes with a removeable arch that is a growth chart so you can keep track of growth progress for your child. There are endless possibilities with the Farmstand Grow & Play Activity Gym!

Recommended for ages zero and up.


Wrecking Bowl

Do you have a child that loves being destructive? The Wrecking Bowl is perfect for them! This toy comes with a wooden wrecking ball that you can move back and forth to knock down the three wooden buildings also included. The Wrecking Ball also comes apart so you can rebuild, allowing your child to have no limits while they play. This toy will help your child work on tactile and motor skills.

Recommended for ages three and up.


Lissi Dolls

We have many different Lissi Dolls, including a Bath Set Lissi, a Nina Lissi, and a Lissi doll that comes with a stroller. Dolls should be encouraged for all children because they can assist with the development of emotions. Children can create connections by associating love, affection, and happiness to a specific doll. Dolls also create positive memories. Children will also resort back to toys they have a connection too when they feel stressed or overwhelmed because that toy sooths them.

Bath and Stroller Set Lissi dolls are recommended for ages three and up. Nina Lissi is recommended for ages two and up.


If you are interested in any of these toys, please feel free to browse our website or ask one of our workers in store to help you find it!

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