Do you know what makes a party with friends even better? Games! Here at Playmore, we have a wide variety of party games that will encourage merriment with you and your loved ones!


Description: ‘Codenames’ is great because it is simple but keeps you engaged. You play by splitting up into two teams, and then you give your teammates crafty one word hints to assist them while they find undercover agents that match their team’s colour. Each card in ‘Codenames’ has a position and corresponding colour, and the team leader must use word prompts to assist their teammates in discovering agents. You can find the original version of ‘Codenames’ at Playmore, as well as ‘Disney Codenames’, ‘Deep Undercover Codenames’ which is for adults, ‘Codenames Duet’, and ‘Marvel Codenames’.

Players: 2-8

Playing Time: 15 minutes

Age Recommendation: 14+

‘Cards Against Humanity’

Description: This is an extremely popular party game that allows for lots of laughter. During each round, a player selects a black card and asks the question that is on that card. This player will be classified as a judge for the round. Everyone else playing will answer the black card’s question with a statement from one of their white cards by giving it to the judge. The judge will read out each white card response, and then decide whichever card they deem the funniest. The player with the funniest white card wins a point, so the goal is to be the funniest player! All of the cards in the ‘Cards Against Humanity’ decks are hilarious, and there are so many different expansion packs we have here at Playmore to choose from.

Players: 4-20+

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Age Recommendation: 17+

‘The Game of Things’

Description: In each round of this game, a chosen reader of the group will read a topic card aloud. The topic cards say statements such as, “things you should never put in your mouth” or “things not to say to your mother”. Each player writes a response to those statements and then hands them in to the reader. The reader will then say each response to the rest of the group. The objective is to guess which response matches with each player. As you can see, this game makes for tons of laughs because of all of the absurd things each player can come up with as a response.

Players: 4-15 players

Playing Time: 45 minutes

Age Recommendation: 14+

‘What Do You Meme?’

Description: This game is excellent for those involved in social media. Each round, one player selects a photo card, and then the goal for all of the other players to caption the meme. The player with the photo card decides which caption is the most hilarious, and then whatever player used that caption card wins that round! This game is simple, fun, and extremely easy to play.

Players: 3-20 players

Playing Time: 30-90 minutes

Age Recommendation: 17+


Description: ‘Taboo’ is a party word game with a simple objective: to score the most points, guess the most words! Players will each take their turn and define the phrase on the card they selected from the deck. But be careful, to describe the phrase, you can’t use any of the words that are already written on the card. Opposing players will keep an eye on the timer and buzz any players if they use one of the words on the card or use any hand gestures whilst describing the phrase. Whichever team is able to successfully collect the most points, wins the game!

Players: 4-10 players

Playing Time: 20 minutes

Age Recommendation: 12+

‘Murder Mystery Party Case Files’ & ‘Murder Mystery Dinner Party’

Description: Do you listen to a little too many true crime podcasts? Or maybe watch more crime television shows and movies than the average person? If so, I have the game just for you! These murder mystery games enable you to live out your detective fantasy as you solve a murder with your loved ones! The ‘Murder Mystery Party Case Files’ game allows you to look at a cold case and examine suspects and their motives, means, and opportunities. You will also look at evidence and locations as you discover the murderer! At Playmore we have tons of different case files to choose from, all of which provide a unique and thrilling experience. Just a few of these options are ‘Underwood Cellars’, ‘Mile High Murder’, ‘Death by Chef’s Knife’, ‘Death in Antarctica’ and more!

Players: 1+

Playing Time: 180 minutes

Age: 14+

The ‘Murder Mystery Dinner Party’ game comes with everything you need to throw a dinner party, excluding the food of course. Inside the box you’ll find a party planner that is filled with recipes, decorating tips, and invitations. However, this is no ordinary dinner party. Each guest will have an assigned character, who also counts as a suspect in an ongoing murder investigation. For anyone who loves theatre and dressing up, this game is perfect for you, as you can play the role of one of the suspects using the character booklet. Included with this game are clues, which will assist you in finding the culprit of the murder. Unless of course… that culprit is you! We have various versions of the ’Murder Mystery Dinner Party’ game at Playmore, including ‘A Murder on the Grill’, ‘A Slice of Murder’, ‘A Taste for Wine and Murder’, ‘Death by Chocolate’, ‘Murder on Misty Island’, and more!

Players: 6-8

Playing Time: 2+ hours

Age: 16+

While you are enjoying great food and drinks with your loved ones, these games will add some entertainment for everyone! Sometimes in the present day we forget all about the laughter and fun that stems from board games, so it is a nice reminder.

Let’s play more together!