Murder mystery party games provide hours of excitement and entertainment for those who play. As each individual who plays gets to dress up as a unique character with a fascinating backstory, the objective is to discover which one of your guests is the murderer! Or, you could be the murderer! Then, you are tasked with covering your character’s secret by placing the blame on others! You can become the ultimate sleuth – or criminal – with murder mystery party games.

Here at Playmore we have various murder mystery party games including…

  • Murder at Mardi Gras: In New Orleans’ most prominent neighbourhood, Pierre DePrue, is found strangled by an expensive set of Mardi Gras beads.


  • Icicle Twist: Boris Ivanovitch was set to attend a luxurious ski party when unfortunately, he was found killed. Which guest did it?


  • The Champagne Murder: It’s July 1967 in London. Lord Michael Jagged decides to host a fashionable party. However, before the party can even begin Michael is murdered.


  • A Taste for Wine & Murder: Local vineyard owner Barry Underwood has been found beneath his wine cellar in California wine country.


  • Murder on Misty Island: Eight college friends return to their college housemother’s island when suddenly, one of the friends is found dead. With no way of escape, which friend was the culprit?


  • A Slice of Murder: In Norfolk England, there sits an 18th century home named Painton Palace. Before the home can host a baking weekend, celebrity chef Francis “Franny” Craddock is found dead!


  • A Murder on the Grill: It’s 1959 in Kansas City, and Tom Dooley is hosting a barbeque! However, when Tom is murdered, which guest did it?


Each of these kits include everything that you need to host your dinner party. You’ll receive a party planner with recipes, a menu, decorating tips, character booklets, name tags, invitations with envelopes, clues, and access to an audio file that will give an introduction with a summary of events and solution to the crime.

So, after you choose which murder mystery game to play, here are some helpful tips for hosting the party!

Delivering Invitations

To create the perfect atmosphere for your murder mystery party, it is recommended that you deliver invitations! This teases the idea of the mystery in the minds of your guests and gets them excited for the evening.

You could do physical invitations, as given in the murder mystery kits, or you could do an e-invite through an email.

To spice up these invitations, you could even create a code that guests must crack before they can view their invitation!

Inside the invitations you can include the events of the murder, maybe even a hint or two, and the character that the guest will be portraying.

When I hosted a murder mystery evening of my own, I delivered physical invites to my guests. It made the whole experience more exciting and made everyone anxious to begin investigating!

Choose a Proper Setting

Depending on which murder mystery storyline you chose to follow, your setting can vary! For example, if you want with Murder on the Grill, you could be outdoors in your backyard! For A Slice of Murder, you could be huddled around the dining room table.

Create Ambiance

To really get your guests in character, use decorations to create the perfect ambiance for the murder mystery.

It is completely up to you as a host to decide which decorations to use. If you don’t want to purchase decorations, you don’t have too! For every murder mystery set, you are sure to find items around your home. For example, to decorate for A Taste for Wine and Murder, you can simply use wine bottles and wine glasses!

Wear Costumes!

Encourage your guests to dress up!

Depending on their character, each guest will have a unique fashion style. Wearing costumes allows your guests to become fully immersed in the story. It is also tons of fun to dress up for a murder mystery night and seeing which costumes everyone comes up with!

Hand Out Awards

To end your murder mystery party, you could give out awards!

For example, you could give the award of best detective, best liar, most likely to commit a crime in real life, best costume, and best actor.

Giving guests awards is just an added bonus that creates a memorable evening.


Now you are all set to host a murder mystery party of your own! Murder mystery parties are a ton of fun, and I highly recommend hosting one!

When I hosted a murder mystery party of my own, I ended up being the murderer! I am a terrible liar, so my friends sleuthed me out easily. However, it was such a fun experience!

If you enjoy anything murder mystery related, you’ll love our murder mystery games at Playmore.