We live in a very digital world. Common activities for children are watching television or playing video games. Although online activities can be entertaining, we must not forget about the importance of letting children go outside to play.

Outdoor play is extremely important because it allows for children to have full creative freedom in a large space. Outdoor play simulates a child’s mind and positively impacts their physical well-being. Children are able to develop important skills while playing and having fun outdoors!


Activates Motor Skills

When children are outside, they are able to use larger movements such as running, jumping, and throwing. These activities are important for a child’s development because they work to enhance motor skills and abilities.

As well, while activating motor skills, children are improving their physical health which is significantly important.


Sunshine Has Scientifically Proven Health Benefits

When your child is out in the sunshine collecting Vitamin D, they are also experiencing countless health benefits. Being in the sun has been linked to improving sleep, reducing stress, and maintaining strong bones. Vitamin D helps to strengthen a person’s immune system and acts as a mood booster.


Children Can Express Their Creativity & Imagination!

When children play outside, they are able to transform the world around them into a place of play. Playing outside allows a child to come up with their own games. As their imagination runs wild, they are able to develop their skills in creative thinking.

As well, coming up with ideas for games is a form of self-expression, which is important for a child’s mental well-being.


Being Outdoors Acts As A Learning Tool

Children are curious. They love asking questions and exploring their environment. When children are outside, they are able to wonder about the process of a flower growing or how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Being outdoors leaves lots of room for learning for curious minds.


Child Are Able To Develop Concepts Of Awareness

When children witness events in the natural world conspire around them, they develop awareness for how our world functions. They learn concepts such as cause and effect, like watching someone get pushed on a swing. They also learn to adapt to different environments.

Here at Playmore, we encourage and understand the importance of outdoor play. Our enormous selection of outdoor toys and games will surely get your child excited about being outside!