At Playmore, we have an entire shelf dedicated to various musical instruments for children. Instruments provide hours of entertainment and excitement, but also give your child many skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

When your young one bangs, shakes, or strums, they aren’t just creating noise – they are learning so much!

Teaches patience and perseverance

For anyone that has learned an instrument before, you know it takes time. There is a lot of practice involved in learning an instrument, and this is a perfect life lesson for young children. It teaches children that you may not be the best at something right away, but you shouldn’t give up, because you are capable of getting better.

In our every day lives we unfortunately are often hit with obstacles. When a child learns how to adapt and move past these obstacles at a young age, it sets them up for success in the future.

Sensory development

For toddlers especially, there is so much support in sensory development when little ones play with musical instruments.

Toddlers would start with a small and simple musical instrument, such as our Jingle Sticks. As your child learns to grasp the Jingle Stick in their hand, move it around and hear the ringing noises it creates, your child is developing their senses.

Brain training

The University of Southern California conducted a five year study in 2016 that states many important areas of your brain, including how you process sounds and speech, reading and comprehensive skills, and language development skills all develop quicker if you were playing musical instruments at a young age.

The neuroscientists apart of this study stress the importance that music has on a child’s intellectual development in response to school boards who have the goal of decreasing budgets for musical programs.

In this study there is evidence that introducing your children to musical instruments helps their brains develop faster than children who aren’t involved in playing instruments. While your child is having fun, you are also giving your child an activity that helps their brain mature!

Physical development

Your child can easily build their motor skills by playing musical instruments. By pressing the keys of a piano with their fingers or using their hands or sticks to bang a drum, they are increasing their skills in terms of movement.

There is a ton of hand-eye coordination involved in playing an instrument, so this is taught to your young one as well!


While playing a musical instrument your child is enhancing their artistic abilities as they create new noises and sounds. They will be able to recognize patterns and as they grow older, they could even create their own songs!


Now that you know the benefits of instruments, here are some of the musical products we have here at Playmore along with the recommended ages for each toy!

  • Grand Piano: Recommended for ages three and up! This beautiful piano, which comes in both pink and black, comes with a music book so that your child can start reading simple children’s lullabies right away!


  • Piano Horn: Recommended for ages four and up. If you have never heard of a piano horn before, it is a horn with piano keys on the top so as you blow into the instrument, it creates different sounds depending on the key you press. Easy to follow instructions are included so that everyone can learn!


  • Tin Toy Musical Box: Recommended for ages three and up. Not an instrument, but a tin box that plays a beautiful song once you spin the handle! A toy that would definitely help with sensory development as your child can recognize that when you are spinning the handle, music comes out, and when you aren’t spinning anything, no sound comes out. Also, a great toy for fine motor skills as your child uses hand-eye coordination to twist the handle.


  • Pan Flute: Recommended for ages three and up. This classic wind instrument has an easy to play mouthpiece. Each pipe has an imprinted note so that a child can recognize what each note would sound like as they play. This flute even plays half and full notes! At Playmore we have red and blue Pan Flutes available.


  • Accordion: Recommended for ages seven and up. If your child has never played an accordion before, there is a visual diagram on the box so that your child can easily know all of the parts to an accordion. As well inside there is an instruction manual with songs that you can learn to play along too.


  • Drum: Recommended for ages two and up. This super cool brass band drum comes with a strap and two drum sticks so that your child can drum their heart out and learn all about rhythm!


  • Guitar: Recommended for ages eight and up. This beautiful wooden acoustic guitar is a perfect start for a child who is interested in playing the guitar. It includes a pick and extra string inside!


And that’s not all! We have many other musical instruments in stock and available. You can check out our products on our website or in store.

Let’s play more together!