It’s pretty much Christmas now, right? Halloween is over, it’s time.

In my tiny household at least, we put the tree up almost immediately after the candy goes 50% off!

So, now that I’m older and meeting new people everyday… hearing their stories, it made me think that we need to start thinking of more than just our own families for the holidays (and everyday if we can). Since we’ve opened our store in Strathroy, I’ve met at least three honest and amazing people. Stories of how they never could afford gifts at Christmas let alone food… Sometimes we have to take a step back and see the whole picture. Not every one is as blessed as some to live comfortably, not worrying about how they’re going to feed their families.

We need to start thinking of those people. They deserve just as much joy as you or anyone else does.

Here at Brilliant Game Play, we decided to hold our first annual Christmas Toy Drive. If we’re going to be in the toy business, we might as well be thinking of those who are also passionate about fun. It is within all of our means to give to families in need. Think of your local food, clothes and toy drives this season when you’re doing some shopping or cleaning.

Brilliant Game Play, located inside Printmore at 10 Metcalfe St., W. will be accepting unused and unwrapped toys until December 12th. The toys will then be picked up by Strathroy’s own, Salvation Army and distributed to families in need all over town.

If inspiration is needed, we have many toys and gifts here at affordable prices, keep in mind that it’s also not just children who would love to receive gifts… teens, adults and seniors would also be absolutely thrilled to have a gift this holiday season.

Kelsie 🙂