We’re building our games and toys inventory all the time to bring you more variety, including unique games and toys you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else! Recently we have gotten in over 500 board games, card games, trivia games, puzzles, toys and more, for every age from 0-100!

Some of these new and unique games include Pencil Nose, where you challenge yourself and others to draw with makeshift glasses with a pencil on your nose! Another fun game is Ribbon Ninja where you have to grab the other person’s ribbon quick like a ninja before they grab yours! We also have gotten more games for adults including Adult Charades and more!

It is our goal to bring exciting and different games and toys to your whole family, so if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see from us, let us know.

You can find all of our new games at our Brilliant Game Play store in Strathroy, ON or shop online through this website!

Have fun!