This game was one of those games that sat on our shelf at home for a while, we kept telling ourselves we’d try it out but it didn’t really interest us all that much. BUT one night we finally said let’s just try it so we can tell people about it, and it turns out WE LOVED IT!

This game is pretty simple, but a lot of fun! You use your brain a lot by thinking about your future decisions, while keeping track of your score, your opponents score, and your collection of cards and gems.
The objective is to get 15 or more prestige points, you earn points by collecting cards with the points on them, but these cards cost gems, which you will choose to acquire or not each turn. On your turn you can either gain gems, reserve a card or buy a card. The game quickly picks up as you collect more and more gems, and once you get more cards you get the chance of being visited by Nobles for extra points!

This game is great even for kids (it says 10+, but I would argue some younger kids could get the hang of it), but Splendor is also super enjoyable for older players too! I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a new, simple and quick game to play, with the average of 30 minutes playing time it makes it easy to say yes to.