Who will be the winner? Shuffle the playing cards and leave them stacked in the center of the table. Then distribute 5 blocks to each player. Flip over the top card and race to see who can solve the Uzzle first. One you finish, shout “Uzzle!” and grab the card. After taking the card, let the other players examine whether you have correctly arranged your blocks. If you have correctly solved the Uzzle, you get to keep the card and now have 1 win. Players vote on how many wins to play to.

Note: those rules above are only for those who want to follow set rules. We know that the greatest things in life are the things we create ourselves. So we want to inspire you, as part of the Uzzle family, to create your own rules for the game! We have listed possible uses for the Uzzle below. The Uzzle was designed with 4 difficulty levels so anyone ages 4+ can play!