As Christmas is only a few months away, our staff at Playmore wanted to make sure we were fully stocked up on products so that you can be successful during your holiday shopping. We have tons of products that were just added to our inventory! Some of these products will be familiar to you, we just had to order them again due to their popularity. Some of these products however, you have never seen before! They are completely new additions to Playmore’s shelves.

We at Playmore hope that you see something you like!


Our puzzle shelves are completely filled! We have all new Cobble Hill puzzles for every level of difficulty. We have two thousand, one thousand, five hundred, three hundred and fifty, and two hundred and seventy five puzzles that all have different colours and designs! If you’re looking for puzzles you can easily do with your family, you should check out our Cobble Hill Family Pieces selection which has pieces that vary in size so that anyone of any skill level can work on a puzzle together.

We also have a new large selection from the brand Madd Capp. These puzzles are uniquely shaped jigsaw puzzles that feature various nature themed designs. You can put together a puzzle of a dahlia, rose, or sunflower. You can also choose from a variety of birds, such as a hummingbird or a blue jay. Finally, there are tons of animal designs to choose from, such as the sloth and shark. This collection of puzzles varies in size so that you can find one perfect for you!

Harry Potter Section

Right beside the puzzle shelf we have a whole section dedicated to our Harry Potter games. If you are a Harry Potter enthusiast, you will love our brand new Harry Potter puzzles and games! We have the Harry Potter Match game where you must match up your favourite characters to win. For those who love memory games this is perfect for you! We also have the House Crests Puzzle, the Quidditch Puzzle, the Secret Horcrux Puzzle, and the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Puzzle!

Arts & Crafts Items

Crystal Art Kits

By popular demand, these crystal art kits are back! We have tons of familiar designs, but many new ones as well! Putting together these kits is a relaxing and rewarding form of art. If you haven’t tried using these before and are interested, there are straightforward instructions on the back of the boxes. It is a simple task that involves sticking coloured crystals to the canvas with wax to create a beautiful image. Included in these boxes are all of the tools you’ll need. Now at Playmore we have three different sizes, including 30×30 centimeters, 40×50 centimeters, and 50×40 centimeters.

Paint by Numbers

Do you have a passion for painting? You’ll love our paint by numbers kits! These were around last Christmas, and they were a huge hit! Each kit comes with one paint brush, acrylic paints, one preprinted artist board, and one preprinted practice sheet. On the backside of these kits there are also instructions on colour mixing, how to get started, and some useful tips and tricks for painting. If you are more of a painting expert, there is also a Painting by Numbers Pro kit that features a much larger canvas and more of a variety of acrylic paints. These kits are perfect gifts for any artist!

Science Items

Electricity Kit: The Fun Way To Learn About Electricity

An exciting toy recommended for ages eight and up. You can explore the world of electricity by building and designing your own electric circuits and power them with batteries. Instructions are included inside for your child to have an outline while they conduct their experiments. A great learning toy!

Bone Alive

This is a super exciting game for ages five and up! Your child can dig up a toy dinosaur! As you dig this toy makes sounds and even has a heartbeat you can feel. Once you dig through the sand, the dinosaur has flashing eyes!

Dominoes & Dice Games

Doodle Dice

This game is for two to six players and anyone six and up can learn to play! How you play is by creating a “doodle” with a few rolls of the Doodle Dice. There is a different doodle pictured on each card in the deck. When you build a doodle that matches one of the cards, you take that card, block an opponent’s turn or take one of their cards away. Collect one card of each colour and win! A perfect simple and easy to play family game.

Rummikub: Six Player Special Edition

Do you enjoy Rummikub? Now you can play it with even more people! Rummikub is a highly rated and extremely popular game. Players use the tiles on their racks and the tiles already in play to form runs of the same colour and groups of different colours. The Jokers can be any number and colour. Players can also pull apart runs and groups and add onto them, so the game can change rapidly. The first player to empty their rack wins!

Toys for Little Ones

Fruit Friends!

This toy is recommended for ages twelve months to three years old. It comes with three different fruits; a pear, orange, and watermelon. Each fruit has their own unique benefit for a child’s learning and development. With these toys your child develops their motor, auditory, problem-solving, and colour recognition skills.

Baby Alive: Lil’ Snacks

Love is an important lesson for growing children. To love a toy teaches a child empathy, which is a great social skill that will be needed as your child grows. The Baby Alive Lil’s Snacks doll is a perfect toy for your child as it teaches empathy and is also entertaining. Play with this toy by feeding the doll!

New & Hot Board Games


Have you ever had the dream of being in charge of a planet? Now you can do that! Create ideal conditions for wildlife to flourish and shape your own world in the palm of your hands. Take turns selecting landscape tiles that represent mountains, oceans, deserts, and frozen lands. The objective is to create the most populated planet in the universe! Recommended for ages eight and up, played with two to four players, and this game takes about thirty minutes to play.

Cloud City

Become an architect with this board game! You work at the same time as your opponents to create an elaborate structure. Build up your city using tiles and create walkways between buildings of the same height. These walkways earn you votes from City Council. Those with the most votes wins! This game is recommended for two to four players with an age of ten or up.


This is a strategy board game where you can shape your very own forest. Your trees will go through a life-cycle, and you earn points as their leaves collect energy from the rays of the sun. This board game has a beautiful nature design, and it is tactical but relaxing. It is recommended for ages eight and up and created for two to four players. It takes about an hour to play! We also have a Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight expansion back available where you can add onto the original board. It brings animals to your forest!


That is just some of our new inventory at Playmore! We have much more on the shelves, and by simply walking around I guarantee you’ll see something new and exciting.

Let’s play more!