Hello! My name is Abby Kaspersma, and I am an employee and blogger for Playmore! Ever since I was around ten years old I fell in love with reading and writing. English class became my favourite subject in school, and I began to write all kinds of short stories. When I was presented with the opportunity to write blogs for Playmore, I was ecstatic. Researching board games and toys has been extremely rewarding. Learning how to play tons of different games and discovering the history of how particular games came to be has been extremely interesting and a great experience overall.

Playmore has been such a great atmosphere to work in. I feel nostalgic when I see games I played regularly as kid, such as ‘Clue’, ‘Sorry!’, ‘Bop It’, ‘Sequence’, ‘Anomia’ and ‘Spot It’. I was able to discover new games as well, such as ‘Exploding Kittens’, ‘Twisted 7’, ‘Dutch Blitz’, and all of the trivia games we have available at Playmore. I also love all of our ‘Marvel’ themed items. And of course, our candy section is absolutely amazing.

Working at Playmore has undoubtedly increased my literature skills since I have been writing the blog. Meeting new customers and having the opportunity to help others is something I am extremely grateful for. Our team at Playmore is amazing and is full of lively and fun people that I really enjoy working alongside. Playmore has really helped me to appreciate board games and toys more than I ever have, and I love working here!