This game is pretty impressive, for those who are easily wooed by beautiful artwork and well crafted products this might be the game for you, but Dice Forge doesn’t stop there, it also has very engaging gameplay. This is a strategy/dice building game where you are competing against other players for the most glory points (basically just regular points) that can be acquired through dice upgrading, card collecting and more! There are a ton of cool cards that come with the game that have a variety of monsters on them, those monsters have points attached to them that give you more glory points to help you win the game, but those cards also come at a cost and your opponent(s) are going to go after those cards to. In an instance 10 round (or more if you can’t get enough within 10 rounds) game session you will quickly become more powerful and capable to win more points, get better dice upgrades and collect cards faster! This game was a ton of fun right away, it made us want to go past the recommended 10 rounds right away to see who could do more with more turns, there was enough resources and variety to keep the game fun and wanting more! I would highly recommend this game for anyone even remotely interested in more “in depth” board games, it’s easy enough to understand and enjoyable enough to play again and again!