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Compete for the Gods in Dice Forge!

This game is pretty impressive, for those who are easily wooed by beautiful artwork and well crafted products this might be the game for you, but Dice Forge doesn't stop there, it also has very engaging gameplay. This is a strategy/dice building game where you are competing against other [...]


This game was one of those games that sat on our shelf at home for a while, we kept telling ourselves we'd try it out but it didn't really interest us all that much. BUT one night we finally said let's just try it so we can tell people [...]


We're still the same lovable local game store that you all know and love, but we've changed our name from Brilliant Game Play to Playmore! The name for us just sends our message out so much better- we want you to PLAY MORE! Over the last year and a [...]

Get Strategic!

We've built up quite the impressive strategy game selection (if I do say so myself) featuring popular games like Catan and Pandemic! But we've also got some unique, not so well known games like Unearth, Discover Lands Unknown, Godsforge and so much more! All these games are extremely well [...]

Bloco! A Fun New Building Toy

If you're familiar with lego and various building toys Bloco is very similar! Using high quality foam pieces and plastic connectors you are able to create amazing creatures, animals, vehicles and more! Bloco is safe for kids, Canadian made and more affordable than lego, BUT JUST AS FUN!


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